Here are only a few  of the many benefits towards your increased awareness which your manifesto offers. These are only a few of "M.S.E.'s" crucial key points for concern which enable you to be better informed, better prepared, and better strategized towards the success of each one of your special contract-related home projects:

*Better approaches to selecting and hiring contractors;

*Special recommendations and reasons for not arbitrarily giving contractors advance money;

*Special prerequisites for contractors to front funding for projects, instead. This would be applicable at every point, contingent upon you incorporating and enforcing "reimbursement based" priorities;

*Special considerations for requiring contractors to investigate, obtain, and to show proof of all project-related permits pulled;

*A number of true accounts of residents who were scandalized by dishonest contractors and the reasons they were "helpless" to prevent it;

*Risks of using online contractor referral agencies;

*Dangers and protections against such dangers in striking up deal with contractors recommended by online contractor referral agencies;

*Special consideration for senior self-defense against being defrauded with additional emphasis on keeping watch against seniors' victimization (neighborhood watch against senior exploitation by contractors);

*Interesting revelations about "high-priced" contractors;

*Precautions against being too lenient or permissive;

*How you can and should successfully manage your own home projects through monitoring, coordinating, and facilitating events (personally or by delegation);

*How you can be soundly successful through monitoring and coordinating each project (personally or by delegation) to strictly ensure each of  your contract-related home project successes;

*More and more and more… …Power!

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