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Chapter 3 - Pocket The Money!  

Investing Wisely On The Homefront


Better Choices, Better Savings

“Perhaps, the corrupt residential contractors will continue getting away with their money-guzzling antics…..but now you have more than enough ammo to ensure that they will not even come close to pulling any of those on you! Not now! Not ever! Your resultant savings puts the money which would otherwise go to waste to unscrupulous buzzards and inexperience into your pocket. That’s our literal definition of “pocketing the money!” Here, as we engage "Pocket the Money!" please, consider the focus, aside from making the right hiring selections, as being in three major areas: Saving money; Saving more money; and, Saving more money on top of the money you're going to save. Simple. I guess it all begins with your reaffirming the fact that you're going to start putting more of your own money in your own pocket! Oh yeah! Don’t just think it, okay? Please, do it.” [pg 46] 

Correlation to Successful Weight Control  .. …

“As a bit of a motivational reminder for you to always do the right thing, I’m going to mention a very essential aspect to controlling your weight: the scale.  It all ties in as you’ll see…. Countless people flunk out big time in that area because they stop watching their weights. They stop practicing a very key element to successful weight control. Excuses….Excuses………. For anyone who’s really concerned about permanently controlling his/her weight, it’s really critical that this person views the practice as a life time commitment. That’s truly one of the deep “secrets” to achieving and sustaining anything worth having. There are just far too many people complaining about not being able to control their weights when they’re neglecting to continually do what’s necessary to that effect. So there are so many homes across the land with scales hardly anyone uses. Just too much flip-flopping going on. These of us consistently complain about not being able to control our weights. We put the blame on stress due to a number of factors.

Among a few, there’s the recurring excuse about not being successful controlling our weights because we have bad social influences. Granted the “social influences” are “bad,” but they are ultimately from within – “ourselves.” The same can be said for practicing successful project management, saving hundreds upwards to a few million dollars in the process. If you don’t use the tools offered you in this manifesto as the situation warrants, the likelihood of you making regretful selection and hiring decisions of contractors and contract firms is very high. Please, don’t flip flop on this, okay? This is a life time commitment. “ [46-47]

Billions to Burn

“Now….having said that, of course we know there’s no great secret about the billions of dollars shelled out each year on home maintenance and improvement projects. Annually, upwards to roughly 200 billion dollars is spent towards variations of home improvement...and approximately 25% (just a ballpark rough estimate) of that can be attributed to loss due to bad debts....What I mean by loss due to bad debts, in this realm, is that we've often made poor financial decisions which led to our literally wasting a lot of money.... This is something specifically addressed in more detail a bit later on. We’ll see.” [47]

Basics of the Home Project Savings

“But, right now, I'd like to share a short story with you about a particular homeowner. The purpose of this story is to establish the basis for what we’re going to seriously consider in this moment. I’m just setting things up before we really start stretching out…

In this case, the homeowner couldn't figure why her kitchen lights weren't coming on. She even tried brand new light bulbs, but they didn't work, either ... [or should I say, the light fixture still didn't?] Eventually, she went down stairs to the basement to check the breaker box...but, she didn't see anything wrong. Finally, she calls in a residential contractor. After learning from her a few more details about the power outage, the kind man climbs the step stool to the light fixture to try one of the new bulbs she installed … … then another. The light switch still doesn’t trigger any illumination. Now he’s satisfied knowing that he has to remove the fixture to examine the circuitry.

He does so, passing it gently down to the homeowner. He then flips out a pen-sized voltage tester to obviously see if whether or not any current is flowing through the light fixture ...No...Nothing there. Ceremoniously, he pokes the voltage tester around the wiring of the light fixture...

No, nothing there, either.  He checks the condition of the connections...Hmmm ...nothing...no crimps, splits, or electrical wear and tear. No flash burns anywhere... Everything is in great condition. So, the simple deduction of the situation is that there’s absolutely no power flowing through these wires. He stays calm yet determined to get to the root of this power failure.

He then asks her to flip the light switch to the “OFF” position as he quickly dismounts the step stool and goes to the basement where the electrical box for the house is located.

Of course, he could've checked the kitchen light switch for any dysfunctions before doing this, but, his experience led him to come here, instead. Direct. 

Now, when he reaches the breaker box, he carefully examines the positioning of each, singular breaker switch. Hmmm ...It's not this one ...nooo...That?... Hmmm ...Then he notices a slightly visible red tint at the foot of one of the breaker switches. Oh yeah. This is it! Evidently, something occurred along the circuitry triggering the breaker switch to abruptly shut down or disrupt the flow of electricity to the kitchen light fixture. Just another click-off-click-on case of a circuit breaker. He just clicks it back on. He goes back upstairs to the kitchen and climbs the step stool again to screw in one of the brand new light bulbs. Then he signals for the owner to ......"Hit the switch!" Oh yeah! You know the rest ……..Lights! ……Lights! “ [47-48]

Please Note: These are true stories. Invariably, this manifesto is a work of Non-Fiction. Although, on occasion, I mention a story characteristic of real circumstances (less than 1%), these are distinctly identified to you on-the-spot previous to being conveyed. 

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