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Chapter 14- Itemizations & Requisitions

Being Very Specific About What You Require

“Although this is among one of the shortest Chapters of this personal manifesto, this is nevertheless a very crucial consideration. The main reason is that people mistakenly believe that all they have to do is mention what they want then it’s as good as done. What often happens in such   cases   is   that   they   end up   getting services, goods, and materials either they don’t want, don’t need, or didn’t ask for. Of course, that isn’t what we normally expect to occur, yet more than too often it does because of a sorrowful lack of true diligence in this area. It’s time, even more than before, to be a bit more careful in such cases.  

For example, if you order a “Golden Brown Deluxe Oven” made by “Crock Pottery,” you’d rather not have a “Golden Brown Select Range” made by “Smokin’ Oakley.”  But then, they’ve got the “Golden Brown Deluxe Oven” made by The Cooking Factory…What do you think?  It’s a lot cheaper, right?

The bottom line is this: if you want a special make, model, color, shape, size, or whatever, of anything, please, put it in writing. Specific itemizations. Please, don’t take for granted that any contractor has memory banks so well trained that all you have to do is “just say it.” Please, don’t make the big mistake of assuming that just because you mentioned something to a residential contractor that it wouldn’t be overlooked.  There are far too many things going on all at once in our lives.  

Please, write it down. Please, “just do it.” Have a couple copies on hand, as well, just in case it gets lost. Please, don’t store it all digitally in tablets. Print it out. Tablets lose power. Lost power often means lost time and lost information. And, it’s sort of impossible to quickly retrieve information waiting on a battery pack to “unpack” it.”[PG. 150]

Make it Very Clear …in Writing

“These things happen. In such cases, it’s often less expensive for private home decision makers to tolerate this deviation from original requests for the sake of the project…..or to cancel services pending special judicial proceedings. Certainly, there are other options for negotiating with residential contractors after they’ve obtained poorer quality materials, accessories, electronics, or whatever, for less or higher rated products for more or less money, but is it really worth it for you? 

If you ask for a chicken but he purchases an egg, are you going to sit on it in hopes it’ll one day SPRING! into that chicken you’ve asked for? Incredibly, some people figuratively respond that way. They state clearly, whether verbally or in writing, exactly what they want or need for the project; they’re very clear about their overall instructions against getting anything different from what they’ve requested. They trust that the contractors will install or deliver consistent with those specifications. Yet, these things really can’t be ensured without having a credible Project Manager or personal representative on board to monitor and report on developments. This can serve to ensure that these contractors deliver exactly consistent your specifications.

Invariably, without adequate monitoring and occasional inquiries by your Project Manager or comparable personal assist, what can occasionally happen, is that contractors opt of get something different.

 Apparently, in so doing, they hope residents will be “forgiving” or “mushy” enough to suffice. Well, some residents actually are. They don’t get what they specifically requested, and they settle for lesser or cheaper results. And, these residents normally do it because they’re not assertive enough or firm enough to enforce their expectations. But, that’s THEIR business. It’s also THEIR business if they order a new roof and the shingles are loosely tacked on backwards facing the  ridges instead of the gutters!

Please, specify exactly what your expectations are, in writing. Whatever you want or need relative to the project should be specified exactly in the contract, as well. It’s not advisable that crucial specs be exclusively on a single separate sheet of paper to be mysteriously lost.  Please, don’t forget to include your Specific Itemizations in the contract as part of the deal, in writing, okay? Please, be specific!  Be assertive! Be effective!” [152-153]

Use It or Lose It

“There’s an old saying: “Knowledge is power.” No doubt you’ve heard it before. Yet really, is there any truth in that idiom? Is it just a rhetorical phrase which seems to work for a lot of people? I ask these questions because I think something is seriously off the mark about saying that.

I mean, how is it that there are so many private home decision makers in America, today, who know better than to hire people they hardly know anything about (let alone advance to them hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of dollars or a couple million), but do it anyway?

We’ve got millionaires and movie stars, executives and middle managers, etc… who are similarly careless. They get ripped big time! No. Knowledge is not power. It’s only what you know. What you do with what you know makes the difference between if whether or not you’ve got any. It’s not what you know, alone; instead, it’s being ready, willing, and able to use it. Not only that but actually doing it in a clearly defined way in order to protect yourself, your family, your home, and your finances, consistently. Either the power is in the house or it’s not. Well, when using a “Requisition” system, however, a lot of the power stays in the house. Now, let’s dig a bit deeper here.

                                                                                “Write it down. Paper never forgets.” [154]

Please Note: These are true stories. Invariably,   this manifesto is a work of Non-Fiction. Although, on occasion, I mention a story characteristic of real circumstances (less than 1%), these are distinctly identified to you on-the-spot previous to being conveyed.  Below are samples of what your "Chapter Indexes" look like:


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