Free Spirit Edition

Nation’s 1st Manifesto on Ultra-Modern

Contract-Related Private Home Priorities!

Explanation: "First" Of Its Specific Radical Nature In Our Millennium 

Homeowner's Manifesto On Personal Power To Decide


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*RB has cumulative 50 years property-related experience. He has written over 20 e-books on the subject of residents making the best choices about contractors to work on their homes/properties, oversees four (4) relative,  major online private home study projects, and is daily on-call for public engagements. There are no fees nor are there solicitations for donations.

"There are a few critics who showcase their exceptional knowledge about my making outrageous claims about the manifesto. They laugh! Sometimes, I do too when I listen to such skeptics make proverbial idiots of themselves like this. They pass "informed" judgment on that  about which they haven't researched. Or they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear as if by so doing this moment in time will just fade into oblivion. It won't. We 're just getting started."

Profession:  Volunteer Home Projects Consultant (Resident-Contractor Relations)

Affiliation: HGRBS [ a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation of independent volunteers]

Property Experience: 40+ years

Consultant: 8 years 

Podcast Host: 1+ year "Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A."  on Saturdays

On "Air": 3 PM PST (Regular) - 1 PM HST,  4 PM MST, 5 PM CST, and 6 PM EST [Facilities - Blog Talk Radio]

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Learn more about influencing continuous successions of successful contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects. This is the nation's first manifesto of this nature! Proposes bold changes of approach unprecedented. Controversial.

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*Note: This edition was withdrawn from Smashwords in 2017 because the popular e-book distribution company was unable to promote it through other distributors. The reason is that M.S.E.'s hyperlinks are too numerous (over 1,000 cross-relational hyperlinks) to be compatible with today's most sophisticated e-reader systems such as "Nook," "Kindle," etc...This is the reason M.S.E. is only accessible in PDF and on this site).

E-Book Description

Power In The House! - M.S.E. is the first e-book written in the U.S. for our private home heads of its radical nature. It "reads for itself." There will be imitators, but maybe not so soon.

It is also, perhaps, the FIRST manifesto in the world with special emphasis on home maintenance and improvement priorities which contains over 1,000 active hyperlinks. There is no public record known to refute any of this. No "hype" about it. The press, although made privy of this have apparently kept this quiet in spite of its historical significance. But I just can't "he'p" myself! I shout it out! Glad to share MY news report with you! You bet!

Genre: Non-Fiction

Special Interest: Ultra-Modern Private Home Improvement Priorities

Prime Readership: Owners, Renters, and Lessees of free-standing single-family private homes, duplexes, and small to mid-sized mansions and estates of the 50 official states (including District of Columbia)

Income Bracket: Any

Chapters: 20

Sub-headings: Over 200

Pages: 213 (PDF, Includes hyperlink adorned "Maximum Table of Contents"

Hyperlinks: Yes ( There are over 1,000 cross-relational hyperlinks allowing resident access to all key areas of the manifesto from multiple points therein. These areas include interconnecting hyperlinks to and/or from All Chapter Indexes, Chapters, Sub-headings, and its  neo-home improvement Glossary)

Printout Option: Yes

Preferred Printout Page Size: 8.5" x 11"

Availability: Now from this site, exclusively

ISBN: 9781311267870

First Official Publication: January 7, 2016; Smashwords

Withdrawn from Smashwords in 2017 because of distribution challenges with the ebook's immense number of hyperlinks

Second Publication: Revised January 2017; R.B. Roberts, and made exclusively available through its own distribution site "Power in the House!-M.S.E. - Free Spirit Edition"

Revised Publication: January 2018; R.B. Roberts, from Second Publication

Resale Rights: None. Unauthorized sale or resale of this work is forbidden [No change aside from content enhancement]

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