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Thank you for investing this time from your personal schedule to be right here, right now. To me, that's amazing. But then, when you think of it, amazing people tend to do amazing things!

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You Are The POWER In The House!

R.B. Roberts

Hi. I'm RB. As always, it's a pleasure and a great honor serving you!

Notwithstanding the fact that "M.S.E." is a market item, this is, by no means, my major life focus with regard to the people and things of this present world.

My primary focus, within the context of what I've just mentioned, is working with others to facilitate our private home heads seeing residential contractors for whom and what they "truly" are, and hearing this genre of contractors for what they're "actually" saying.

It's only through doing these things that we're aptly enabled to make the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, and get the best possible results!

I've worked in a wide variety of fields in my life time. However, in whatever field it was, I've always had a penchant for property. Of course, that's one of the fields. Cumulatively, I've got over 40 years (being modest) experience in various aspects of property, and  8 years (and counting) as a volunteer home projects consultant.

I've written over 20 e-books. Of these, only 3 are market items: "Clinching the Deal!," "Power In The House!-T.S.E.,"and "Power In The House! - M.S.E." (Abbrev. "M.S.E"). "M.S.E." is the only which is in PDF because of its hyperlink and split-second speed value for navigating its contents. These aren't e-reader compatible.

All the other e-books are free (except for those mentioned) and 100% e-reader compatible.

Online, I serve as a primary coordinator with other volunteers of various parts of the country. I'm, in this capacity, a caretaker of sorts enlisting their support on a fundamentally outsourced basis.

Emphasis is doing whatever is required to connect with and support U.S. private home heads' rights and privileges towards making the safest possible decisions scouting, selecting, hiring, and/or firing residential contractors.

Summarily, my life's focus is serving God through serving you in this special ministerial capacity[1 Cor. 12:1-31].  So, really, monetary factors aren't preeminent in my life. This is the reason that, for M.S.E., there's the open option for you to accept as a free gift.

What's most important is sharing the info. Invariably, it's only through learning and applying as much as you possibly can relative to that learning, that you're better able to identify the best contractors, and better able to identify, neutralize, and deflect the worst, who are actually practicing emissaries for the evil they can inflict upon you, your family, and your home!



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