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"Power In The House! – M.S.E." is replete with hyperlinks. These allow interested U.S. private home decision makers to access key strategic data instantly (or very near to it).

In all, aside from the primary links (Chapter Indexes) to"M.S.E.'s" 20 Chapters (plus New Age Glossary) there are over 800 cross-relational hyperlinks to the "Chapter Indexes," and in the area of 200 hyperlinks to each sub-heading (known as "strategic focal points"). 

Cumulatively, "M.S.E." packs a startling cross-referencing capacity (to and from every major area of the e-book) of a functional field of over 1000 hyperlinks in an e-book which, if printed out in 8.5" x 11", would amount to only 213 pages (Including its unique "Maximized Table of Contents").

Below are samples of the "Chapter Index Links." Those which appear below are not active.

These, as you note, are from 1-G. When you click on any specific number (For example: "5," it would take you to the "Chapter Index" for "Chapter 5" where beneath are all the subheadings for that Chapter. Each subheading is an active hyperlink! Split second! You are there!

Want to try this out? Okay. Then let's go right into the manifesto!


The above  partial "Chapter Index" of "strategic focal points" (subheadings) is only a photographic "representation" of the actual hyperlinks. Photographs of hyperlinks are non-active since they are only images. Rocket science. For the real thing, please, go here!

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